Dr. Wade Brock Shares why he attends #AACS2022

Spotlight on Session 14: Masters Session – Face & Eyes
AACS 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting

Check out this amazing line up! Plan to attend and be part of the Q&A.

Dr. Kevin Sadati will present the triple-C SMAS plication during facelift procedures which utilizes customizable vectors in the pattern of a “C” to plicate the SMAS in three layers to lift and tighten the deep structures of the face.

Dr. Monica Ray will share a study of 500 patients that highlights the efficacy, aesthetic outcomes, and safety of extended zygomatic temporal dissection as part of cosmetic endoscopic brow and forehead lifting surgery.

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina will discuss specific techniques such as deep fat sculpting, chin augmentation, jawline enhancement, platysmal resection and submandibular gland debulking techniques.

Dr. Kevin Duplechain will present on the current approach to the deep plane facelift including discussion of entry points, extent of dissection, and benefits of this approach.

Dr. Wade Brock will present on the management of lower eyelid retraction and ectropion and discuss surgical concepts and techniques to avoid lower eyelid complications and how to best correct them when they occur.

Dr. Tanuj Nakra will review pertinent anatomy, and explore modern, effective techniques for effacing lower eyelid-midface aging contour deformities with fat transposition nuances and fat grafting techniques.

Dr. Amiya Prasad will present his approach to the diagnosis and management of patients interested in Asian eyelid surgery.

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